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Re: Lens (and other bits) help

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
E-M1 ii
Fantastic camera. The best I've ever owned. You'll love it I'm sure. The eShutter is fantastic and has become my go-to setting. Fast, quiet, no mechanical wear and since the readout speed is so fast (about 1/60 sec) almost no downsides in the real world.

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
2x Lexar Pro 1000 cards
I use these - but remember that slot 2 is not UHSII so you won't get the benefit of the faster card in that slot.

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
Oly 60mm f2.8 Macro lens (a must have)
A great choice. It's a very nice macro lens.

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
1 - I feel that the Oly 12-100 f4 Pro would suit my purposes best, mainly for its versatility, but I can't help keep thinking about the 12-40 f2.8 Pro (I think mainly because it's 2.8, smaller and lighter....cheaper too). Any points of view, help or advice (or even alternatives) would be more than welcome.
I had the Panasonic f2.8 combo - 12-35 and 35-100 and swapped them for the 12-100. In general I'm very happy with the swap - the IQ is better, the image stabilisation is unreal (I can reliably do 8s handheld exposures at 12mm), it's one lens and not two and it's very well built. On the downside, it's f4 not f2.8 and it's notably bigger & heavier than the 35-100. For what I use it for it works for me, but you need to ask whether the loss of a stop of light and extra weight work for you.

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
2 - The Olympus 70-300 seems ideal for me regarding focal lengths (and especially price) to start me off. (I have been used to 300mm (= 450 FF) on my existing cam so going to 300 (=600 FF) on the 4/3 is a decent jump for me .... for now. My problems are -
a - I have seen quite a few comments on forums regarding people having to change this lens two or three times before finally getting a good copy.
b - According to a couple of professional reviews I've read, (and it is has also been complained about in some forums), the E-M1 ii has a really nasty bug when using the 70-300mm Olympus lens. When using at telephoto it apparently completely disables IBIS when it is focused on close objects (the lowest focus distance). Any thoughts/experiences or advice regarding these reported problems with this lens (or suggestions for alternatives with a similar range) is again most welcome.
I had the Panasonic 100-300 in the past and was never happy with it. Most people say that the 75-300 is similar in performance. For me, these "budget" zooms suffer in IQ at the long end and of course they are pretty slow (f6.3). If long lens work is important to you, I think you need to spend some more. The 300/f4 is fantastic - a truly stunning lens (at a price). Take a look at my post on it here:

If you want to spend a little less, the 40-150 Pro + 1.4 TC is an excellent combo too (but not as sharp with the TC as the 300/4). As an even cheaper alternative (probably no more than the 75-300), the older 4/3 50-200 f2.8-f3.5 SWD plus the MMF adapter is excellent, if a little heavy. It works very well on the E-M1ii.

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
3 - Has anybody got any advice, from experience, regarding the best screen protector for the E-M1 ii. I've seen the glass ones on Amazon which seem good but again, any experiences/advice gratefully received regarding quality, fitting, screen closing with protector on etc..
I never use them. If you're careful the screen is actually pretty robust.
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