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Re: Lens (and other bits) help

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
Thank you Beagletorque, you posted as I was replying to the first three to reply.

Because I will not be using (or only once or twice a year for very casual and limited use) the video capabilities of the E-M1 ii, I thought that the 1000 speed cards would probably be sufficient for my needs. I had read that someone was happily using 95Mbps cards in the E-M1 ii for their everyday photography which made me think that If I go one step above, I should be fine. Maybe I'll have to have another think about it. Thanks once again.
Hi Keith, sorry for a let reply...

Reference the SD card, I use the X1000 and find its OK. Its obviously not as fast s the X2000. I do tend to use the slower sequential bursts when photoing Birds In Flight (BIF). The camera does then take several seconds to write its data (RAW) to the card, and of course the camera is not usable whilst doing this. But to date I have not found this to be excessive or a big drawback.

Have to say I only use the X1000 as it was sold to me at the camera show last April along with the Mk2..............

I have assigned the 2nd card slot to video, and I use a 30 Mb/s standard SD card again without any noticeable delays. But I don't use the video a lot.

Ref lenses, I use the Pro 12-40, really good. Also the 40-150 Pro, another excellent lens. And the Panasonic 100-400mm for birding. Superb lens. You can hire a lens from Ian on the is site, to assess before committing to a purchase...

Good luck.................
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