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Re: 'Base lens' for Pen-F

Loup Garou,
Choice of lens as a 'primary' fit comes down to your interests in photography. If you like street photography, I'd recommend a 35mm (in terms of 35mm FF) as it allows you to get fairly close to your subjects, and secondly the f/l offers greater DoF compared to the 50mm, again using 35mm FF as a reference point. For street work the MF voigt that Paul has ordered would be ideal, as it will allow shallow DoF if required, or setting at 'f8 and be there' and using the camera as a point and shoot. A lot of street photographers use this technique, including me. As an aside, I have a 35mm f2 and a 50 f1.4 that I use on my Leica, with the former I can set it to f8 and at the hyperfocal distance and never miss a shot, unless I'm trying to grab someone standing next to me! With the 50mm the DoF is wafer thin at close distances, and still quite demanding at f8. But, as with all tools, one lens doesn't fit all the photographer's needs but the 35mm (17.5mm u43) is a good all rounder. You could also consider the slightly wider Panny 15/f1.7, I have one and can confirm it's a stunning performer, produces super crisp results requiring the minimum of correction in PP. Another bonus of the Panny 15 is the aperture control mounted on the lens itself, great if the PEN F reads the lens for aperture setting (most Panny bodies do).

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