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Re: Birds in Flight Bif EM-5 and EM-1

Originally Posted by David Morison View Post
I'm glad Matt has joined the Forum - welcome. I purchased my E-M5 from SRS and have pre-ordered my E-M1 from them also plus many other 4/3 and m4/3 items - my favourite retailer.

I don't understand how this method works though. Surely the Vivid setting etc. only works after the file is created and does not take part in the actual taking of the shot, hence they don't apply to a RAW file. I'd love to try it but can somebody explain the science behind it?

I've heard this before and although I haven't tried it myself others have found that it does work. I believe this is because the camera uses the JPEG settings in live view and image review even if you are shooting raw only. I have just checked this on my E-M5, set to raw only, and this is indeed the case, so although the camera is recording only the raw to the memory card it is in fact working in JPEG mode for the shooting parameters. As Ian has already said, though, setting Vivid and boosting the contrast will only influence the focusing on the E-M1 when using S-AF with an MFT lens. It actually has greater potential when using the E-M5 or any other MFT camera.

Out of interest, I also discovered that if you use an art filter with the camera set to raw only it automatically records a LN JPEG as well as the raw.

I'm also strongly suspicious that when shooting JPEG with the noise filter turned off there is still significant noise filtering being employed at high ISO.

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