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Birds in Flight Bif EM-5 and EM-1

I have just enjoyed the MOST wonderful ENLIGHTENING conversation with a Specialist ...


UP the CONTRAST as high as you can because its CONTRAST based AF duh sooo very simple eh ?

USE S-AF if your panning is up to it, this gives better images

the EM-5 and EM-1 have "Magnify Focus Square" options - Focus Sq being the little green sq in the middle ? increase it up to a MAX of x 14 is poss

It may work on the EP ?s not sure ...

Much will work on the E-5 too eg VIVID mode and upping the contrast ...

... unable to magnify focus sq...

THIS information came from Matt at SRS

Here is his Flickr

and he joined here on Wednesday - maybe he was our 3,000 member ?

I asked Matt if SRS would let him give a "Session" or two - paid for on Birds in Flight with these cameras (EM-5 and EM-5 ... even other Oly - saying I would be happy (ecstatic) to pay a reasonable fee for this ... he said

we would have to email asking for this and get enough OF US PAYING to make it viable for the SRS BOSS man to say YES

SO, if you want to know - are willing to travel to SRS and PAY for the Privilege send Matt an email ... I have use spaces and not @ so his email cannot be phished and used incorrectly

I did say "Mat you have to join the Olympus e-forum and post this there it will help lots of US ... and reflect very well on SRS making for Great Relationship Marketing but he just does not get the time ... two small children and a wife ... poor chap we have most of us being there ...

Perhaps a few with the E -M5 can try this ... and post results here ?

Matt also informed me of Bryce Bradford and his OM-D EM-5 and EM-1 images - ok I shall save you a search

Just look at THIS Bif WoW EEE !

Here is his OM-D EM-5 tracking frame

Let me know if and how the above AF info works
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