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Re: E3/D300 comparison

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I think it's a shame he has used f/11 as diffraction softening will be affecting both images at this aperture and the E-3 will be affected slightly more because its sensor size is smaller. The optimum aperture for resolution on the E-3 would be be between f/5.6 and f/8, and the D300 would be around f/8.

I haven't yet used a D300, but the E-3 does compare very favourably with the Sony Alpha A700 and Canon EOS-40D in my hands. I feel the E-3 controls chroma noise extremely well, though there is more luminance noise. But as many photographers know, luminance noise is sometimes beneficial and if you don't want it, it's easily filtered out - much more easily than chroma noise, which has no positive benefit at all.

All true Ian, the E3 should be softened more but the Olympus images look sharper especially those processed using Olympus software. The thing that amazed me is the mushyness of the foliage in the Nikon images. Whether the difference is due to the noise reduction, AA filter, lens quality or the RAW converter I couldn't say but it does show just how good the E system is.

Ian C.
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