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Old 30th January 2012
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Correcting WB and tint


I have managed to do a stupid thing.

Without noticing, while on travel, I somehow managed to turn the customizable F button to “one Touch WB”. I noticed this first after having filled a memory card and looking at the JPGs files on a laptop where it was quite clear that the pictures have incorrect white balance, pictures appearing way too warm.

The good thing is that I store the pictures not only in JPG but also in RAW, so I will be able to adjust color temperature.

Now I am back at home and with access to the digital lab. The color temperature meter reads 11500K (if correct, one would have expected 5000K - 7000K or something like that)

Question is - what should be the correct value? My travel companion did capture some of the same motifs, using same camera (E620) as me at about the same time and from about same position, those pictures are probably easiest to correct. But what about the other pictures - most of them don't have any neutral gray areas that I could use to calibrate. Are there rule of thumbs regarding color temperature in relation to position of the sun?

What also is a tricky parameter to tune is the tint (green - magenta).

When looking at my companion's pictures I also noticed that there are quite significant differences between adjacent pictures in a series (pictures taken at same time, from same place but different angles/composition). Differences could be as large as +/- 500K and +/- 3 tint. E.g. one picture would have 5500K and +3 magenta, next one 6500K and +3 green.

Should I simply process empirically and tune them to my liking? Any advise regarding the best way forward would be greatly appreciated.

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