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Re: Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by paullus View Post
I'm really sorry to hear of your problem.
I do recall having a problem with the contacts on my E520 after several months of use.
I know you have carefully cleaned the contacts but if I remember rightly the contacts are spring loaded. To fix mine I cleaned the contacts with isopropyl alcohol and quickly but gently depressed the contacts on the camera body and the lens down against the spring several times with a sharp pencil or similar to clean the contacts in their sockets. I've also had to do the same with a flash unit in the past.
I think a small layer of corrosion or gunge can build up which interrupts the conductivity of the contact surfaces the alcohol is an excellent degreaser which evaporates very quickly. You can get it from a chemist in the UK (or off the shelf in French supermarkets!) It may be worth a try before you give up.

This link also describes another forum members experience.

If this doesn't help then name and shame the seller who sounds like a complete T****R
Good luck.

Still no joy.
The other worrying point (I'm sure I mentioned it initially) is the obvious delay when you activate the AF.

My main worry now is that assuming Ebay provide me with a return address, is that he will refuse to accept the package.

Anyone any idea what happens then?
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