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Re: copyright pics

Hi All
Thanks Andy for the link to simpleviewer it could be the answer for me as well.
I'm sure Ian is right it's pretty much impossible to prevent an image being copied.
Having been on the wrong end I know how it would make you feel!. I was at the local Sunday market a few years ago near Christmas and saw for sale sets of Christmas cards Nicki had done the year before and she was still being paid royalties on, not nice when it's possibly taking some of your income away.
At the time I was working on a website to display her artwork along with a description on how it was produced to possibly help other artists ,by the way she's a lot better illustrator than I am a photographer! but after seeing these cards for sale I dropped the idea like a hot brick, if someone is going to sell prints of her work it's going to be me!. So simpleviewer plus well placed watermarks could be the answer I'm after so I'll now think about a website again.
The things I learn on this site are never ending.
Thanks to you all
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