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Old 26th December 2009
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Re: Conversion to Mac

Originally Posted by StephenL View Post
Now, before I start, I want it understood that I don't want this thread to turn into a PC vs Mac debate

But... I'm thinking, and only thinking at this stage that my next computer will be an Imac, for my own reasons.

My question is, I have licenced copies of Lightroom, CS4 and Elements. I know that all these apps will run on a Mac, but can I use the same licences or would I have to buy new software? Anyone made a transition such as this? I repeat, NO debate about the sanity of my plans, please
If the software is mac compatable, it will say on the box, then I think you should be able to install it. I have LR and Elements on two machines, a laptop and iMac.
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