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Re: An army of clones

There's more than enough space in photography-land for film and digital to co-exist without contest. I use both for different reasons. Digital because it's fast to process and cost effective (once the initial outlay has been forgotten). Film because of the imperfections, especially 1/2 frame 35mm. I like the grain of film, the odd colours, light leak, the missed focus, and I'm even asking myself why should I clean-up negative scans - a bit of dust and the stray fibres can show the authentic nature of the craft. When it comes to film photography I think I could sum it up as 'less is more'.
If you haven't been following the hashtag Polaroidweek or Roidweek, you should. The imperfections can turn the ordinary into something sublime. (I'm toying with the idea of of a 'MiNT' Vintage Polaroid and the impossible project film).

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