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Re: Camera Conspiracies and the EM1x

Originally Posted by GyRob View Post
Sure it will be bigger but no were near the size / weight of my 1dx mkII so no worries from me .
CAF is the key thing for me for birds in flight .
I think thatís the point of it. And then there's the cost. A Sony 600mm f4 lens costs the best part of £10000. An optically superb Olympus 300mm f4 gives little change from £2000. The full frame DoF difference? Pull the other one! If anything, having twice the in focus area, for a given aperture, is a big advantage at that kind of tele. Add to that the Olympus kit will be far smaller and lighter, with better combined IS, and the argument is compelling.

Look up Ming Thein (specifically the recent Robin Wong stuff) for an idea about current Olympus thinking.
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