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Re: F1.2 pro glass

At The Photography Show I shot a few frames on my E-M1ii with all the Pro lenses. Each of them generate beautiful images with excellent sharpness wide open.

I didn't shoot them back-to-back with the f1.8 primes, but I'd say that they are perhaps slightly better at resolving fine detail and yet overall have a less harsh contrast to them. It's a nice combination - in the modern parlance, they seem to "render" well.

In addition, the extra stop or so over the f1.8 and f2 primes is definitely noticeable in DOF terms. It's most noticeable with the 25mm I'd say.

However, whether using one of these beasts over their more modest cousins would make or break a shot is a much harder question. As Cartier-Bresson famously quoted "sharpness is a bourgeois concept"! OTOH, they do generate nice images. As a mainly landscape type, I can't see me rushing out to buy one, but I think if I were into portraits it would be a tempting option - esp the 25 and 45.
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