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Re: not an Oly in sight but ....

Originally Posted by mm500 View Post
TBH Ian I am not a fan of massively manipulated images but I think this guy has enhanced his images well.

On the other hand I am saddened by the amount of image manipulation I see in weddings and portraits nowadays considering how much trouble I used to get as good an image as I could "straight out of the camera" in the film days...

it's what the clients expect these days Mal; but only because they saw the idea that a photographer had made. However most don't expect to pay for it because it's just a matter of pushing a few buttons. Photographers always have to be coming up with something different. Glad I'm out of that c***!!

I just cannot understand the number of photos taken at a wedding these days. I have heard of a company using three or four photographers taking 6000 (yeah 6000) photos at one wedding .
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