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Is the 17mm f1.8 a good buy?

I currently own only two m/43 lenses: the 75-300 II and the 60mm macro. These cover about 95% of the requirements for my photography, which involves wildlife. However, a few times a year I have to take photographs of active young children at family 'get togethers'. On the last few occasions I have used the 60mm, which does a good job, but unfortunately it is not really wide enough and I found myself backing out of the door to 'fit everybody in'.

I am now considering purchasing an extra lens to cope with this situation and also see some use as a medium wide landscape lens. It will not get a lot of use, so I am reluctant to spend too much money on it (which rules out the 14-40 Pro.)

From a bit of research the lens which stands out is the 17mm f1.8. It should be bright enough to work indoors without a flash for much of the time and is small and reasonably priced. It seems to get some good reviews, especially from Robin Wong, but some people say that it is not especially sharp.

Can anybody give me their first hand experiences with it or suggest any alternatives?

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