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let's talk about...25 or 30 mm primes

now i've spend my first holidays in Scotland with my E-M1 and a few lenses (12-50, 40-150 and the 30 and 60 mm from Sigma). I could take the whole system with me without getting back pain. But mostly i've used the 30 and the 60 mm Sigmas.

I think, that's not mysterious, because both lenses are extraordinary good (and if you take a look to the price....aahh, you don't believe in wonders).

Well, i took a lot of my pictures in the villages and in Inverness with the 30 mm. It's not such a thrilling lens by it's focal length, but at the moment, a zoom is boring me. Turning to the left, turning to the right, somewhere will be the right focal length. That's not longer the way i would like to take photos.

But from time to time i wasn't such a lucky photographer with the 30mm, because it was a little bit too long (really a little little....). When i come back home i went to my little shop an bought the 25 mm Olympus. I took my first pictures with it in a wonderful village not far from home...and now i'm lucky.

But what i want to say is:

1. if you really want to buy a prime lens around 25 mm, don't forget the Sigma. It has an extraordinary picturequality and an extraordinary small price.

2. if you often take pictures with a prime lens in the streets (i don't mean streetphotography), you will not believe what 5 mm can do for you. So, try it before buy it.

And at last: i will never give away the 60 mm Sigma. This little lens is a dream and i will take the difference to the 60 mm Olympus fo my next holidays in Scotland!!
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