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Re: m4/3rds vs 4/3rds 7-14mm zooms.

Sorry DekHog, should have spotted that one, I have, and am referring to the 4/3rds 7-14mm Zukio zoom; I bought this in 2006 pretty soon after the E1 body, also have an E3 and now, OM-D. Have just read the DPReview's Panny 7-14mm review, it's sadly not much good as I'm looking for a Panny (Lumix) Vs Zukio 7-14mm comparative review. Strangely, when summing up this lens, they refer to it being cheaper than the 9-18mm, but make no mention that it's cheaper than the Zukio 7-14mm, which should be the lens they match it up against, rather than the 9-18mm ... As usual, the Zukio, is ignored, as it is invariably the case when magazines do any ultra/super-wide group tests.

Maybe this is because (tongue-in-cheek, whilst holding a big spoon!) the reviewers are mainly Nikon/Canon fanboys and hate being reminded that these two manufacturers still have yet to produce an APS-C zoom which comes near it, even though since 2010, (to rub even more salt in this wound) Sigma began producing in 2010 a 8-16mm zoom (for APS-C users) which is 0.5 degrees wider than Zukio and Panny's 7-14mm zoom ... Come to think of it, THAT lens also doesn't appear in ultra/superwide zoom group tests either .... !!
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