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Re: DPReview E5 Review is finally here.

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
I didn't really expect anything more or less. I've come to the conclusion that you really have to be an Olympus user to "get it" and appreciate the overall advantages of the system. Let's face it, if we're not attracting many new users to the E-System it's more likely because of the Olympus marketing enigma than questionable "independant" tests.
That a understatement John and at the same time an enigma.

The E-5 is a dead end in the E-system, I think we can all accept this even us Oly lovers.

So why would any publication web or otherwise recommend a system that seems at a dead end, that would be a disservice to its readers.And hence the reason only us Olympus E users get it (and that band is going to get smaller) because no one in there right mind is going to buy into a DSLR system that is seemingly considered finished .

I mean even the advert on this site is mockery

"has the low down on the new flagship of the Olympus E-System"

A flag ship implies a fleet where are the other boats of the E-System, it would seem they have sunk without a trace.

Now I will continue to use and enjoy the Olympus equipment I have and at my age it will likely outlast me and if not I will replace it with something else.

Having said that I'm still a Oly fan, but like some I will not defend it to the death and in all good conscience there is no way I could recommend the E-system to anyone starting out, so why should I be suprised when a publication will not?
Regards Paul.
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