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Re: The "Like" Button

Originally Posted by Beagletorque View Post
Well I have been through and "removed" all the "likes" and "thanks" I gave Mark going back 3 years odd on threads that he started, as that is all the advanced search allows.
Hopefully he appreciates it.

Obviously if I don't comment on/like/thank a post/photo it's because I think it is complete and utter rubbish and a waste of my valuable time viewing it. On the other hand I may not have actually seen it.

Then there are those utter lazy bast__rds who view posts and can't even be bothered to hit the like button.

Andrew, I am sorry that you have taken this thread so personally. I was not taking a shot at you or anyone else in particular.
I have never been bothered by the /like/thank a post/photo button when it is used to add gloss to an accompanying comment.
As I see it, a button is a mute response from one of "those utter lazy bast__rds who view posts and can't even be bothered to …." comment.
I know that we all do our best to post interesting if not brilliant images, such as yours, and I think they deserve more than an electronic acknowledgement.
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