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Re: Web v Print

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
It's worse still when using an iPad, especially with auto correct. We think we have a clear window of reality, but it's simply an illusion.
Very true. And of course it is easy for Autocorrect to insert a correctly spelt, but incorrect word into a sentence that either causes confusion or renders it completely meaningless.

A choir director friend had been discussing wedding music with a couple who were to be married, and had played through the tunes on the organ. The bride to be then asked him to text the titles to her so she could listen to them with her mother.

Unfortunately, one of the titles, Caesar Frank's Panis Angelicus was renamed by Autocorrect to what it thought the word 'Panis' should have been!

Thankfully both bride and mother were broad minded, and thought it was hilarious. Just as well they didn't have it printed on the Order of Service.

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