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Re: Web v Print

the worst thing we can use in serious photography IMO is a glossy screen and it's even worse if that screen is part of laptop.

You have raised a great point Hec. One thing no one considers is how we read the file colours, the black/white and greys when editing. This is even a bigger problem for the new to photography and a perfectly calibrated screen makes sweet bugga all difference to them.

How many times have we seen someone post a photo with an incorrect colour cast that they only see when it is pointed out to them; or we post a correct photo for them to compare. If they cannot see it then their screen is off colour

To be totally honest; I have only even visually calibrated my screens with print photos and digital images supplied by a fuji photo lab. And when I received an off colour photo from a lab it was mainly because I had not seen the incorrect colour when I was editing. However most clients would never see the incorrect colour until I showed them two printed photos side by side.

So what does all this mean when viewing photos on forums? IMO we need to allow some leeway as we all have different screens, varying experience.

As for printing photos at home; I gave up years ago. The 'prolabs' are better equipped than I can be. However I do need to have my screen as close as possible to how the printed photo will look and compared to most screens that is rather flat. I have been caught with "why doesn't it look as bright as you showed me on the computer?"

IMO there are too many variables with most laptop screens. And many are not in a light controlled room when viewing/editing photos. Combine the two and it makes serious and perfect editing near impossible.

For those who don't know what a light controlled room is: Not too much or any natural light coming through doors or windows; pretty curtains are not really an option; good consistent daylight fluro tube lighting; no TV ............. getting rather bland isn't it? But apart from using a monitor instead of the glossy laptop screen I don't do any of that as I now don't take or need to take photography too seriously. Are my posted photos that far off colour/density? Please tell me if so!

I had a big leg up with colour understandings as we owned a mini lab years ago, and I attend a lot of pro workshops. BTW; the girls are better with colours than most bloke Really wish I was able to attend pro w/shops about editing; I'm mostly self taught
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