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Re: Tempting the Panny users...

Originally Posted by Jetset95 View Post
Would be awesome to get slightly better button layout in the E-M5 sized body, with the C/PDAF focus system and better EVF, but I can't see the E-M6/7 being all that, it wouldn't make sense to get that close to the E-M1, which after all went head-to-head in development against the E7 and won.
There is a lot of minor tweaks they could make to the E-M5 which maintain the direction but would still differentiate it from the top or the range line.

1) make the mode (PASM) dial a fraction smaller and slightly further left so thay could add the top plate on/off switch and then turn the existing on/off switch into the 2x2 switch

2) add a button (or even 2 buttons) to the centre of the top plate rear dial so that every push steps the top plate dial(s) through a sequence of different functions (eg aperture, ISO, exposure compensation [in M mode], WB), something akin to new control on the E-M1 .

3) make all the existing buttons configurable (eg the wastebasket button is unutilised in shooting mode) and stop the stupid restriction on which buttons can be configured with which functions.
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