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Re: Olympus/Zuiko 70 to 300mm

Originally Posted by davidsa View Post
I have had promising initial results with a 200mm (fixed focus) f4 legacy OM lens, cost about 45 on Ebay, (incl p & p). It is a reassuringly solid lump of metal and glass.

It has, of course, significantly more reach than the kit 40-150mm, and appears to offer similar resolution.

The only problem was that it proved too heavy for the first adapter ring I bought (some 6 again on Ebay), quickly inducing a wobble and then not focusing properly, but it seems fine with a better one.

I've tried it with a 2 x 1 Vivitar converter (by courtesy of Ellie) and the reach is spectacular, (equivalent to 800mm on full frame) but the maximum aperture is f8, although adjustable.

This could be a way to go - without breaking the bank - if you don't mind not having a zoom (in theory better quality without) and being limited to aperture priority.


The best of it is David, i had a chance of a Sigma 40 to 200mm a few weeks ago for just 67.00, and i let it go , well i think it started from 40mm but it definitely went to 200mm.
I should have snapped it up, but i thought there was not lot of difference between 150mm and 200 in reach, so i did not bother to buy it.
but then again with a teleconverter that lens would have been big enough for wildlife.

Best regards Paul
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