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Re: Olympus/Zuiko 70 to 300mm

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Hi Paul

I'm afraid it doesn't quite work that way. To get double the focal length with all the trimmings, you will need the EC20, not the EX25. The EC20 is a x2 converter and will make your 70-300mm effectively operate as a 140-600mm.

I must add though, that the 70-300 is not the fastest lens in the world, and though I swear by it, and have achieved decent results with it, it is not the best lens upon which to use the EC20. I wouldn't use it with this, as you'll lose two full stops of light.

I use the EC14, a x1.4 teleconverter with this lens, making it a super 98-420mm lens.

Unfortunately, there's no cheap way to get a decent lens, at 600mm...!

Thanks John for the info.
I will have a good look around for that EC14 that you suggested as the size it converts the lens to 98-420 is plenty big enough for what i want.
All i want it for is local wildlife in and around our parks, Deer, squirrels, birds, etc, and i don't want to spend extortionate amounts of money for a large lens, this will work for me.

Best regards Paul
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