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Re: New MC 20 announced.

Thanks for the link Mark you are right it's a pretty sensible review. Many of the comments I can relate to already even though I've only used it twice so far. He said this about using it with the 40-150 " Many people hope to ‘not to have’ buy a much more expensive ‘three hundred’. Honestly, if you feel that you’ll achieve practically the same results then I got news for you – no, you won’t." he then said "On the other hand, if you do not have a comparison and you don’t have this lens in your inventory, then you will probably be very pleasantly surprised how great the TC 2x works." I'm definitely in this "pleasantly surprised" category so far. Close up detail does seem to be pretty good and I've been getting nice bokeh.
There were a couple of comments in his summing up I didn't understand ie.
+ despite it being a double converter, it is still very unobtrusive and you do not have to create a new place in the backpack for it (I have it on the 30mm/ 3.5 lens) - What's this lens?
+ inclination to the next aperture is superb (I personally did this only exceptionally because I was working with depth of field) - What does this mean?
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