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Post Re: A Wish List for Mr Watanabe.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
maybe something in the not too distant future will satisfy your suggestion?
Certainly makes sense as it's surely the turn of the budget entry level models to be updated.

You've done well with that list. Pretty much all the things I've noted that I would like are there and I would like a lot of them so maybe difficult to cut them down to a top few of priority - how many will we be able to choose in the poll? I guess ISO 3200 that looks like 800 and switching xD for the latest SD cards are no brainers that everybody wants!

I would like to add something that relates to numbers 11 and 29. I would like to see the whole mymode system revamped. I don't find it very useful the way it is and would like this improved. The reason it links to 11 and 29 is because I would like this to be integrated into a mymode/art filter/modes/customisable system. For example these custom modes should be configurable and saveable in both camera and master/studio and so transferable seeminglessly between the two. The main point would be that "art filters" would not be a seperate thing but an extension of these saved settings - this is a clear way for them to appeal to advanced users not just as gimmicks. In master/studio there should be an additional interface to produce your own "filters". These will of course be saveable and shareable with all other E-system users and future released cameras as they are part of the new mymode structure. I hope I've been able to describe the idea in my mind well enough in words to be understood. I do think there is an neat opportunity to improve connectivity, configurability and ease of use for stored settings and situations. Mymodes don't cut it for me right now. This maybe also relates to suggestion number 33 as my point is obviously the integration of the ability to save, edit and transfer camera settings both in body and on computer.

I try to put it in one sentence

"Revamp mymodes to include other filters, modes and all settings into a fully configurable and shareable way in both camera and computer (master/studio)"

Otherwise I note this is very clearly a survey for the E-system and not mFT so no point mentioning any mFT ideas that had come to mind. Though I will mention that number 18 (silent shutter) should be a priority for mFT (especially if there is to be a higher end model).

Two other things that have come to mind whilst writing....

1) more pancakes covering a few basic focal lengths to support the size of E-4x0 and E-6x0 (eg 12mm, 17.5mm and something longer than 25mm - though the 35mm is already pretty small.)

2) power cable included with camera like Panasonic FT cameras - not an expensive accessory. This would be even more important if any video capabilities were to be added.

Maybe worth noting that number 6 (more telephotos) isn't only for a more affordable long lens or extreme reach but also to push the potential advantage Olympus has for nature and even sports assuming high iso solutions are forthcoming. Just look at the 150mm for example, genius! So if they were to make more telephotos for me autofocus capabilities of them should be important.

Has adding a HDMI connector been mentioned?

Originally Posted by HughofBardfield View Post
Could I suggest an ammendement to No 35?

Would a better way of expressing this therefore be:

"A firmware update methodology that permits firmware to be downloaded to a memory card (NOT xD!) or PC for subsequent upload to the hardware and which does not require the separate installation of Olympus proprietry software."
Quite possibly a better way of putting it. Also in doing this it should be possible to revert to whichever previous firmware you wish like on a lot of eletronic devices.

Another idea: show time and date on the super control panel for quick reference for non-watch wearers and expand the clock setting to include location and daylight settings - maybe this coincides with gps ideas.

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