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Re: 15mm f8 body cap lens any one?

Well lets say we put a camera with a 20mm lens on a tripod and take a picture . then we change the lens for a 10 mm . the picture is now twice as wide and twice as tall ie 4x as big/4x the area . or to look at it another way the original pic taken with the 20 mm only occupies 1/4 of the frame area . Or our original pic covered 16mp but now that same view only covers 4 MP with the 10 mm lens.
So clearly we have less Pixels on Image or POI which is what all bird photographers are interested in .

As for cropping ..if we look at the rubbish job done on the last royal wedding with the wrong camera ie a 20 mp D5 then if from the big group shot had we wanted a crop of the children at the front we would not have had enough POI for a sharp picture. Lets leave out all the terrible posing errors for now which I am sure you noticed.
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