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Re: Problem in adjusting f-number in aperture mode

Congratulations with your E-P3
I recently bought an E-P3 twin lens kit set in silver, and I am very much impressed by this little camera.
If you want to know more about flash sync you should take a look at this link

I have an FL-36R which is capable of Fast flash sync.( FP TTL Auto or FP manual) and it is highly recommended for your E-P3.
I admit it is a little large but not too much and it can easily be disconnected and carried in a jocket pocket when not required.
Eventhough the built-in flash does a great job I think a capable external flash gun is an important tool for serious shooting.

Also I bought the VF-2 viewfinder yesterday,. It is a small marvel and I am looking forward to use it.
Actually I have cancelled all appointments etc. this weekend and will test my new PEN thoroughly.
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