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Re: E3 focusing Issue

Originally Posted by scanny View Post
Good afternoon.

I've had my E3 for 18 months and it has just under 10,000 shutter actuations on it so it's used lightly.

I was fishing on a beat of the North Esk yesterday and as I began to take pictures the Af began to play up. I had a 14-54mm on it and throughout the range, when trying to focus the lens would not lock o to any point and instead ran to close range then back to infinity refusing to lock on. It done this consistantly and continued to do so after switchng it on/off and cleaning the pick ups on both lens and body.

Changing the af mode occasionally woke it up and it worked for a few frames then decided not to.

Peculiarly, if I held the shutter button the camera would take an out of focus picture then the next the af would work.

There doesn't seen to be much of a pattern to it, however the pictures I did get show the meetering is wrong in a few, with pictures of the same location taken seconds apart being vastly different.

Up until now the camera has been faultless.
If it's an AF issue, the AF sensor below the mirror could have dust on it. Use the cleaning mode from the menus to lift the mirror for access, and then use a blower brush, probably best with the brush removed, to try to dislodge any dust. Don't blow on it using your breath! And remember the sensor is exposed so care is called for.

For exposure issues, there could be a sticking aperture, or a shutter problem, but I don't think the AF issues are necessarily related to the exposure ones.

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