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Re: Climate Change

Originally Posted by Walti View Post
Sadly I find that piece quite offensive.

Australia has the climate to be carbon neutral for its energy production, so HIS generation has more to answer for than the spoilt turds he wants to critique.

It's easy to piss on people being a little different isn't it?
But he has a valid point...

There is no doubt in my mind that climate change is real, and it is man made. It is the younger generation who have most to lose, but they don't seem to be willing to walk to school or give up buying a new iPhone every time a new model is announced. There is also disposable fashion which I and my generation are definitely not guilty of!

I might try to raise the subject of climate change with our daughter next time she has a 2 hour shower on a Sunday afternoon, but previous efforts have failed.

Just visit any university halls of residence nowadays and you will see lights burning 247 and windows left open rather than turning the heat down. You see they don't have coin in the slot meters like we did; all energy bills are included so they just don't care. And of course when they come home they leave the lights on here too!

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