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Re: Mara River Crossings

Originally Posted by Melaka View Post
We've never done a walking safari and as as we're both over 75 I think the time may have passed for that. Several camps do them. There are also a few driving trails only open to 4x4 which you have to book in camp. These are distinct from the 4x4 trails marked on the map and only require a 4x4 to avoid damaging the track by wheelspin if it is wet. We may be tempted to hire a 4x4 so as to be able to do one. Usually we hire a 4x2 RAV4.
Iíve done a few game walks, in several SA parks and in Malawi. On none of them have we walked more than a mile or three, but the Pafuri camp specialises in longer ones, and there are some other areas that do as well, like Mana Pools in Zimbabwe where you get amazingly close to massive tuskers.

Around those areas that specialise in them the animals are accustomed to seeing humans on the ground, and essentially ignore you, and since youíre with expert guides problems are very, very rare. In SA there are strict limits on the number of guides and guests, and on the number of those guides carrying rifles.

I have enjoyed the shorter walks Iíve done so far - it really does put you in your place as part of the food chain, of course!

Normal safari walks are not very photographically interesting because obviously in standard game reserves you donít go at all close to any large or dangerous animals. However you do have a great opportunity to see tracks, scat, insects and plants close up.

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