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Third party batteries for the EM1ii (and EM1X)

Iíve recently acquired an EM1ii and HLD9 and wanted a BLH1 lookalike battery. There have been other posts on this subject, mainly relating to the compatibility or otherwise of third party batteries with the Oly charger and camera battery display. Things seem to have changed so Iíve started another thread. This is what I found. When comparing capacities itís worth remembering the Oly version is 1720 which is less than most of the third party offerings.

On eBay (in the order I found them)
Vhbw. Capacity 1600 and it is stated it can be used with the standard charger. There is no mention of what is displayed on the camera.
Intensilo. Capacity 2000 and it is stated it can be used with the standard charger. There is no mention of what is displayed on the camera. Appears to come from the same vendor as vhbw.
DOT.FOTO. Capacities of 1720 and 2450. It claims to be guaranteed to operate in exactly the same way as the manufacturerís original battery but there are no specific details in relation to charger or camera display.
Cameron Sino. Capacities of 1050, 1900 and 2250. No mention of the precise compatibility with either charger or camera.

On Amazon (in the order I found them)
Enegon. Capacity 1750. Stated to be 100% compatible but no specific details.
Patona Premium series. Capacity 2040. Stated to be fully decoded and 100% compatible with original battery. Can be charged in original charger. Two recent reviews say it works with the original charger and displays the battery life correctly. Available since 29th March 2019. The photo may be of an older version of the battery. Given the availability date this may be the same as the last battery below.
Fugasin. Capacity 1720. No specific claims of compatibility but one review says it works with the battery life indicator. Another review says it doesnít hold its charge like the original. Thatís disappointing as the original is also rated 1720.
Patona Premium series. Capacity 2040. This appears to be a different battery from the one above as it is stated not to be decoded; the camera battery life display does not work; and only the Patona charger can be used. Available since 10th October 2017.
DOT.PHOTO. Capacity 2450. As under eBay above. No customer reviews.
Batterytec. Capacity 1600. No specific claims about compatibility.
Patona Platinum. Capacity 2250. Claimed to be the first time, a third-party manufacturer can now offer BLH-1 batteries, which can also be charged in the original charger and the remaining life indicator works. No warning message in the camera display. No reviews. Available since 14th June 2019. This is the one I ordered.
Patona Premium series. Capacity 2040. Same claim as Patona Platinum. Available since 29th March 2019. The photo shows a slightly different looking battery to the two premium series mentioned above.

I needed an in-car charger so bought an ExPro for £7.95. It is stated to be compatible with Oly and (on further enquiry) other third party batteries. Iíve used ExPro BLN1 batteries but they donít appear to do a BLH1.

EM1ii, EM10ii
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