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Re: Goodbye Flickr

Steve, I'm a little confused. Surely Flickr is moving away from Yahoo login as it's now owned by Smugmug.
I believe you need to migrate your account away from Yahoo. I use a email addresses on my own domain as well.
Have a read HERE

From what I remember, the process wasn't very well explained, and I seem to remember having issues where it wanted me to create a new Yahoo account.
What was actually happening was that this PC was at the time connected to a BTinternet account, which also used Yahoo for email access.
When I tried migrating my Flickr account away from Yahoo, I kept getting intercepted by Yahoo/BT.

I carried out the migration using a different browser and everything worked OK, but as soon as I went back to Opera, Yahoo took over again and wanted me to create a new account to access Flickr.
Deleting all the relevant cookies, BT, Flickr & Yahoo from Opera cured the problem.

To prove it for you (and me), I've just logged out of Flickr in Opera, and logged back in again using my default email address on my own domain; (of the form which doesn't even look like a conventional email address.)

Steve, have you actually received your login migration email yet? Also do you remember if you changed your Flickr Primary contact email address on your account to one running on your own domain?
I'd be tempted to try a password reset on your Yahoo access to get you back in and then update /check your primary address.
I had all sorts of bother as I was using Yahoo in 4 separate ways, BT email, Flickr, and two different sets of Yahoo newsgroups/
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