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Re: How to snap a Mongoose at night without a flash?

Originally Posted by Gate Keeper View Post
Hi, thanks for thinking about my question. When the Mongoose stands on its hind feet, it is quite intimidating, so I am happy not to get too close even though they are cute to look at and what you have said about them being vicious is very helpful.

The Mongoose isn't going to attack you unless you corner it and try to grab it. If it senses you're there it'll run away.

Photographing animals in the dark can be rather challenging. Even if you have a powerful enough flash you have the problem of how to focus the camera. Many years ago, before I located their sett, I used to photograph Badgers in the dark. The method I used was to put down a handful of peanuts then focus the camera on that spot whilst I still had light. It was then a matter of waiting, often for hours, for a Badger to come along and find the peanuts.

But without a decent flash that option probably won't work for you. What you could try is to set the camera up outside with a wide-angle lens set to manual focus and use hyperfocal focusing to set a really deep depth of field. Then trigger the camera from a distance using OI Share if/when the Mongoose moves into the in-focus area.
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