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Re: How to snap a Mongoose at night without a flash?

Originally Posted by blu-by-u View Post
It's been a while since I have done any flash photography. SO I could be wrong.

Some flash expert pls advice. on my assumption.

If the base iso setting is 200, the flash is at full power the distant from the subject is say 20 feet, If the ISO is set to 400, the flash can be reduced to 1/2 power if the subject remains at 20 feet.

If the reach is required, say 40 feet the ISO remains at 400 but the flash need to be increase back to full to achieve the correct exposure.

So if the distant is now 80 feet, can the ISO be assumed to be increased to 800?

I am only assuming that the Aperture and Shutter speed remains the same.
Thanks for coming back and giving me the settings for shooting in the dark. I have never taken any photos in the dark using an Olympus camera with a flash. Your settings I will try with the flash. Thank you very much.
All the best

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