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Re: How to snap a Mongoose at night without a flash?

Originally Posted by Internaut View Post
Not sure I'd want to point the flash directly at the Mongoose (at least not if the Mongoose could get at me - I hear they're vicious little buggers), so yes you would need something to bounce the flash off. Also.... depending on the size of the area a higher guide number (wouldn't fancy the chances of my FL-36).
Hi, thanks for thinking about my question. When the Mongoose stands on its hind feet, it is quite intimidating, so I am happy not to get too close even though they are cute to look at and what you have said about them being vicious is very helpful. I think there must be a family of them living not far away. I have not found where they go to during the day, but I have seen different ones come up to the house after dark between 1 - 5 a.m, they look well fed, not scrawny. I tend not to go outside of the house at night because of the predators, but I might have to make an effort in order to get the shot

Here is a view from the bedroom window looking down over the bushes and towards the forest. I have seen the Mongoose go to the salt water pool and drink from it.

The flash I have got is called an Olympus FL-LM2, it has never been used

Pool view from bedroom by philip Gate Keeper, on Flickr

view of Agapanthus beds from bedroom by philip Gate Keeper, on Flickr

view from bedroom towards the forest by philip Gate Keeper, on Flickr
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