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Re: An army of clones

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
Am I reading what you've said correctly, 'film cameras are clunky compared to digital'. Surely not! Film cameras are pure with simple controls, time, aperture and distance. How un-clunky can a camera be?
I don't want to speak for Nigel, but look at it objectively Steve. Modern digital cameras simplify and automate the photography process enormously:

- Fast and accurate AF
- Excellent metering and live view for manual correction
- Fast frame rates for capturing action
- Variable ISO by shot
- Immediate image review
- Image stabilisation
- ...

Need I go on? You seem to be equating simplicity of controls with simplicity of delivering a final image of high quality and the two aren't the same at all. If you want the old camera controls on a modern camera then use a Leica or a Fuji and set them to M mode. But you've still got all the other advantages of modern digital. Personally, I prefer having aperture and shutter at my fingertips on dials, but really these sort of control things are not what makes a camera clunky or not.

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
Did you really mean to say that 35mm colour film is poor compared to modern digital? I'm staggered if you really meant to say that Nigel. Have you used Kodak Portra, by chancei? It's perfection, with minimal bo**o**s required in PP.

As regard to digital B&W, it simply cannot compete with film. The only digital camera that comes close enough to be virtually indistinguishable (apart from the grain of film and the noise of digital) is the M246 when used with colour filters.
On a purely objective level (resolution, noise, DR), 35mm film cannot meet the image quality of digital. It's an objective and measurable fact.
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