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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
Hospitals still actively recruit nurses and HCAs from abroad, sending people to various countries including places like the Philippines. None of those will be earning anything close to those sums, not even a senior nurse specialist. Hospitals are kept running by foreign nurses although no one seems to take into account the effect it has on elderly patients who struggle to understand and be understood by the nurses, most of whom do a far better job than some of the surly local staff.
Early morning rant over.
Great stuff, but itís not enough. There are approximately 33000 UK nurse vacancies waiting to be filled. Nurse numbers have fallen and senior NHS manager positions being filled have risen. I can get the exact figures if you like. Whatís the government doing about it? Recruiting from foreign countries such as from within the EU - Ireland, Poland blah blah, is not working with the prospect of Brexit and the Philippines donít have the numbers needed. Foreign recruitment is nothing new as its gone on for many years. Itís desperate, the staffing levels in the NHS.

What is the answer?

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