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Re: So what do you think about the E-P1?

No one makes this gizmo (and I claim to have invented it if they do ) but how about a flat lens thing that fits over the display and acts as a diopter adjuster. So then the screen appears to be at a distance so us old gits can focus on it.

Physics probably says that you will lose a lot of viewing angle, but I believe it could be done.. its a big array of microlenses as appear on your average camera sensor. Come on somebody, make this gizmo :-)


Originally Posted by Nick Temple-Fry View Post
Well my comment was based on my experience of how the eye changes as age increases and relates to the reduction in ability to focus on near objects. A common occurrence as one becomes 'richer in experience', hence reading glasses for those not previously needing glasses and vari-focus/bi-focus for the rest. Quite a sizeable proportion of the potential consumer market and therefore a problem for any product that does not cater for their needs.

I would agree that live view does offer potentially 100% coverage - but that's little advantage if to see it you have to hold the camera at 3/4 arms length.

That apart it looks to be an interesting product with a good specification and a useful role as a carry round camera capable of high quality results.

Just a shame that in this iteration I have signifigant doubt that I could really use it.

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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