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Re: So what do you think about the E-P1?

Originally Posted by dbutch View Post
I find Nicks comment about framing interesting because the live view image is generally more accurate! I have an Oly 5060 with I use on business trips and although it only has a small screen I find it is far better to frame on that as its 100% where as the view finder is something daft like 82%.

That said using a 300mm on a E-P1 could be fun - unless on a tripod ofcourse.

Well my comment was based on my experience of how the eye changes as age increases and relates to the reduction in ability to focus on near objects. A common occurrence as one becomes 'richer in experience', hence reading glasses for those not previously needing glasses and vari-focus/bi-focus for the rest. Quite a sizeable proportion of the potential consumer market and therefore a problem for any product that does not cater for their needs.

I would agree that live view does offer potentially 100% coverage - but that's little advantage if to see it you have to hold the camera at 3/4 arms length.

That apart it looks to be an interesting product with a good specification and a useful role as a carry round camera capable of high quality results.

Just a shame that in this iteration I have signifigant doubt that I could really use it.

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