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How about a bi-weekly/monthly challenge for here too...?

Hey All

I know there are already several weekly/fortnightly/monthly challenges taking place on the various forums we are all members of, but how about having one on here too?

I especially like Ians idea of the FTU's Salon fortnightly challenge, and wondered if it would be a good idea to have a similar challenge set up and running on here.

I know that often there are not many entries for these type of challenges, but at least it could provide some inspiration for us at times when we have the togs equivalent of writers cramp!!

So... whatcha think...? is this something that (1) Ian would permit, and (2) could yield some spectacular images from Olympus cameras through the course of the year, (3) could form the basis of an award from Olympus on an annual basis (as, though managed by Ian, the site is theirs I believe after all!!)

Good idea...? bad idea...? thoughts fellow Oly's

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