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Re: Brief E-3 review in Photography Monthly

I agree that Will is a bit out of synch with Oly users regarding the E-3 IS. My experience so far is that it works exceptionally well, better I reckon than the VR on the Nikon lenses I had. You only have to check it out on live-view to see how well it functions. Not only that but I'm pretty sure the IS on my E-510 has improved since the latest firmware update, not that there was anything wrong with it before the update. Maybe his camera was duff or he had inadvertantly turned it off. I do however agree with him that the All Points focussing does not seem terribly clever in normal use and as Ian says, it needs further investigation. Some input from Oly as to how it works would be helpful. I use single point all the time at the moment. Don't forget that he does say the camera has 'Huge Potential' but then we all know that!
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