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Re: Brief E-3 review in Photography Monthly

Originally Posted by beardedwombat View Post
Will Cheung gives a so-so report on using the E-3 in Istanbul in the January edition of Photography Monthly. He thought there was little benefit to using the IS and didn't find the 11 point autofocus 'reliable', preferred single point. Overall has 'mixed impressions' but reckons the camera has 'huge potential'.
I have spent some time over at Four Thirds User trying to put the comments if some of my journalist colleagues into perspective - especially from Amateur Photographer. I'm not simply trying to defend them all for the sake of it, but I don't doubt that they express honest opinions.

Let's look at what Will said - he found the 11 point AF unreliable. Well, I have to say that I haven't yet worked out how to use the all 11 point mode properly yet, so I can see his point of view there. I've always been a single AF point kind of photographer, which is why I've not been too put off by only having three AF points to date. That said, I have been using single AF points off-centre quite effectively with the E-3 and I could have done with the the E-3 point selection earlier this year when photographing water skiers (I wanted to keep the skier in focus with their position to the far side of the frame).

I'll be perfectly open and say that I fee Will is mistaken regarding anti-shake. Lots of other journos have been very positive about IS in the E-3, so he is out on a limb there.

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