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"All" vs "Not Transferred Yet" When Uploading - Can I Set A Default On Launch?

Hi Guys,

As per title, I want Master 2 to launch with "Not Transferred Yet" as the option for uploading new pics. Currently on launch, it's set to "All", and I have to wait for all pics on the card to appear on the screen before I can select "Not Transferred Yet". Then I have to wait again while it refreshes to display just the pics not yet transferred.

I can't find anything in any menu to allow me to change this.

I do delete pics from the card often enough, but usually leave them on for a while, so I can show folk pics on the camera, when laptop is unavailable/not possible.

Also, I noticed lately, on the last few uploads I've done, that while the pics are shaded out during upload, every pic ever taken is being displayed, right from day 1 of ownership. I've formatted the card, but haven't yet taken any pics since doing that, but would it be reasonable to expect that formatting may have sorted that out? The max shot capacity on the empty 4GB Extreme III card (at HQ) was 1618, but now that it's been formatted, it's gone up to 1625.

Thanks for any replies,

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