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Re: ProCameraShop

Originally Posted by Chrisspencer View Post
Just to add to this if anyone is thinking of "claiming" any current or future Olympus offers, this is an email reply from Olympus re the battery grip/lens offer running on the OM-D:

Dear Chris ,

Thank you for contacting Olympus,

Please be advised that according to the promotion’s terms and conditions, in order for your product to be eligible for the promotion, you need to purchase it from a UK/ Ireland based retailer and the VAT/duty taxes should have been paid.
Unfortunately ProCameraShop is a Hong Kong based reseller and therefore it is not participating in the promotion. If in doubt, you can find this information here. (

Please be advised that according to their terms and conditions:
Smart Choice Photo Ltd. is a Hong Kong company (number: 1403529) registered to the following address:
Smart Choice Photo Ltd.
1223 Trans HK Commercial Building,
41-43 Carnavon Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong

As the reseller is not based in the UK, we would not be able to honour claims for purchases made from this reseller.

Best Wishes,
Denitsa Stefanova

Now I would assume that you get a VAT receipt if you buy from the Carlisle office, so could Olympus still refuse to honour the offer???

Well yes - the terms and conditions of Olympus UK offers include the wording

18. We reserve the right to refuse claims made where VAT and/or duty have not been paid. The purchase must be from a UK based retailer that has bought stock through Olympus UK or one of their authorised distributors. If in doubt, please check before purchasing. (This restriction excludes the Channel Islands).

The offer would be funded through the promotional budget of Olympus UK for the OM-D (and/or cameras in general).

Olympus UK is a seperate company from 'Olympus' (albeit one that is effectively totally owned). It will buy stock from Olympus (or one of its other owned companies) and then sell stock in its geographic area. It has the same obligations as any UK company to meet liquidity levels and the same imperative to make a profit from promotions.

It's actually under a more strict regulation than a company that both manufactured and sold equipment wholely in the UK as it needs to demonstrate that the sale of goods represents (with all sorts of caveats and complications) a transaction that is profitable (anti-dumping World Trade Organisation) with reference to the home market, the cost of production, and the costs of administration/distribution.

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