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Re: ProCameraShop

I would assume, (perhaps wrongly) that as a Hong Kong based company, they would do their own importing into the UK.
I've no reason to suspect them of any tax fraud, so again I assume they would pay the relevant import duties and taxes, VAT included and would thus be able to offer a VAT receipt for any UK stocked items, (if the company is large enough to be UK VAT registered.) For items shipped from abroad, I think their web site states that import duties etc are the responsibility of the customer. Have a look at the link in the previous post.
However, if the importation is done outside Olympus UK (or EU), why would Oly UK offer a free lens or grip, or extra year's warranty for that matter.
I've no doubt that Oly UK would act as an agent for the 1 year world wide warranty, but why would they offer an enhanced warranty for goods on which they have received no revenue? I would think a similar logic should follow for free lenses, grips etc.

Whilst I've never witnessed any heavy moderation on the topic, I do think we should remember that this forum is actually sponsored by Olympus UK. Whilst I may have bought the odd lens from outside Oly UK supplied dealers, I've tried not too advertise it too much on this board, though I'd have no qualms about doing so on FourthirdsPhoto, or FourthirdsUser, for example.

I'm not advocating censorship though, as threads like this do help show some of the potential advantages of Olympus UK/EU sourced kit.
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