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Re: Any experience of OM lenses on DSLRs?

Originally Posted by E-1 fan View Post
What inspiring stuff Peter - some marvellous work on your site and very informative as well.
Thanks for that :-)

I like to contribute to the world of 4/3 where I can by sharing my experiences. What does freak me out is stumbling across links to my lens pages being shared between folks I've never met on forums I rarely visit

On the whole "using your legacy lenses" thing: I am currently calculating which minmal lens set to take on holiday. I just want to take 2 lenses.

Maybe the 11-22 Zuiko and my little Tamron 35-70. That's it. No more. The thing is (and this takes some getting used to) the 11-22 wide angle is so much bigger and heavier than the Tamron(!) It always used to be the other way round.

Alternative lens pair is the 14-42 and the Tamron 35-70. Aaah, now we are talking light and compact - but I would miss those really wide angles.


Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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