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Re: Any experience of OM lenses on DSLRs?

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Hi there.
I use the 2 kit lenses and the 11-22 with my E400. I have also tried 3 different Hexanons, a Nikon lens, a Vivitar, a Takumar plus some other cheapies (Pentacon etc)

I have to report that the modern Zuiko zooms are indeed better wide open than most of the above lenses. I think this also applies to OM legacy lenses.

However there is little to chose between new and old if you stop down to f5.6 f8 and beyond.

You may well need a split image screen (Katzeye for example) in order to focus accurately.

The advantages of legacy lenses? They feel well made compared with modern plastic lenses and you can get a good low light lens (f1.8 f2 etc) for peanuts. An E400 with a compact Tamron has a nice retro look and feel, a bit like a digital OM perhaps...

I have a web page with basic test chart shots from many of my legacy lenses which might be of interest..

Hope this helps :-) Pete H
What inspiring stuff Peter - some marvellous work on your site and very informative as well.
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