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Re: I'm conflicted!

Well, thank you to those who responded to my plea, and if anyone is interested in the outcome of this decision-making process, this is how it panned out.

As much as I tried to love the EM5ii, despite its excellent specification, I couldn't quite come to terms with the need to purchase accessories in order to make it a more 'user-friendly' instrument, not to mention the added cost. I'm sure that in the right hands, and more especially, with the right lenses, it is the perfect camera, as I'm sure members will testify. To my mind, a camera where a nostalgic form rather than function has predominated in the design process (shall I get my coat now? ). Now if the EM5 had been in an EM1 form, with a lesser specification, I'd probably have gone for it.

In the end I acquired a Lumix G80, very similar to my old GH2, and with specs on par with the EM5ii, including IBIS, for around half the price of the EM1 and less expensive than the EM5ii. Perfectly adequate, I think, for my current level of photography. So I shall not be returning to the Olympus brethren, though will continue to keep a watching brief via this forum.

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