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Re: Third party batteries for the EM1ii (and EM1X)

Since my original post I have received the ExPro charger and two Patona Platinum batteries. Here is what I found.

ExPro charger. This is about half the thickness of the charger I have for the BLN1 battery and lighter. Thatís because it runs off USB only and doesnít have a direct mains option. In practice this is probably an advantage as nowadays you can often plug USB into a mains plug or socket. Most modern cars have USB or you can get an adapter for older cigarette lighter type fittings. It charges my Olympus and Patona Platinum batteries without a problem. My main use for it will be in the motor caravan and in the car when on safari.

Patona Platinum batteries
. These arrived about 40% charged according to the camera and there is no warning message. They charge in the original Olympus charger and the ExPro. I havenít been able to assess how long they last before needing to be recharged but in theory it should be about one third longer than the Olympus battery because of the greater capacity. The instructions say to discharge the battery to 5-7% for the first three occasions of use and then to charge fully.

Verdict. The ExPro charger and Patona Platinum batteries seem a cost effective alternative to the Olympus battery.

EM1ii, EM10ii
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